Cell Phone Policy - Updated 09/04/2020

HCMS Cell Phone Policy - Revised 09/04/2020

Student cell phones are banned during the instructional day.

Student phones must be powered off and out of sight during the instructional day. Phones are to be powered off when entering the building and are not to be turned back on until students exit at the end of the instructional day. 

Student phones are prohibited in the restrooms.  When students leave the classroom to go to the restroom, phones must stay in the classroom.

Faculty/staff may have their cell phones with them during the day.  However, at Hart County Middle School cell phone use is prohibited by teachers and staff members for personal use while assigned to students or during teaching instructional times.

The principal will have full discretion to update this policy at any time as deemed necessary for the good of the HCMS community.


Please refer to the student agenda/rule book for consequences related to this policy.