Updated: 7/17/2020

 Updated: 7/17/2020

We appreciate all of the comments, suggestions, and praise as we continue to develop our plan for the school year.  We have had ongoing discussions based on that information and are making decisions based on that information.  We will continue to update the information so all families can make informed decisions for their students and families.

Open House Schedule: 

Dates have been established for Meet the Teacher activities. Due to COVID, this year will look much different, and for that, we apologize in advance. Please adhere to the schedule for your child’s grade level. Doing so will significantly reduce the number of individuals simultaneously present in classrooms and hallways.

Following Meet the Teacher activities, schools will be sanitized in preparation for the first day of in-person learning. Unfortunately, parents may not walk their children into schools or classrooms on the first day of school. We know first day pictures are precious keepsakes; therefore, first-day pictures will need to be snapped during Meet the Teacher events. On the first day of school, parents will be asked to use car rider lines and remain in their vehicles.

For now, visitors, including parents, will be confined to front offices. Schools are not accepting lunch visitors at this time, and many parental involvement activities will occur virtually. While not ideal, these guidelines are in place for the safety and well-being of students, families, faculty, and staff members.

Click here to view the Open House Schedule for all schools.  

Virtual Instructional Schedule and Virtual Option Registration 

Virtual Instructional Schedule

In an effort to provide more information about the instructions options for students, the linked document will provide some guidance as to what virtual instruction will look like.  This document is subject to change as we make decisions that meet the needs of students as well as teachers. Instructional Schedule

Virtual Option Registration

Online Virtual Instruction Registration now through July 30 Registration is now closed.  Please view our Frequently asked questions as we have added multiple questions and answers since our original post.