National Assistant Principal Week

hartbeat  It’s National Assistant Principals Week! in Hart County Schools, we have amazing Assistant Principals, and here is what their Principals have to say about them:
Principal Kevin Gaines at Hart County High School: “Cecil Marett is one of our assistant principals. Coach Marett is high energy. He brings enthusiasm to work each day. Dr. Tracey Stewart is also our assistant principal. Dr. Stewart works a lot with our curriculum and professional development. She has a great insight in our curriculum and student needs.”
Bryan Edwards at Hart County Middle School: “Dr. Jacqueline Brock and Coach Chuck King are our assistant principals. Dr. Brock and Coach King are consummate professionals. Dr. Brock is responsible for our students’ academic improvements and helps guide our teachers to learning new strategies for teaching. Dr. Brock is a perfectionist and models the ‘Excellence is the Expectation’ mantra. Coach Chuck King is responsible for our student services and helps teachers protect the integrity of their class time. He works tirelessly at building relationships with students so that they understand the importance of education. Coach King models relationship building for all of us. Hart County Middle School would not have made the educational improvements it has the last two years without these two professionals. We extremely appreciate what they do and have accomplished.”
Mr. Edwards also wants to extend a special thanks to Cecil Marrett, assistant principal at Hart County High School, noting he was instrumental in helping the school improve in his first year there.
Principal Lydia Bennett at South Hart Elementary School: “Dr. J. T. Stewart is our assistant principal. He is a very organized individual, who has only the best in mind for the students and teachers he serves."
Veronica Johnson at Hartwell Elementary School: “Courtney Hart makes our school great because she loves and cares about every student. She is dedicated to the social, emotional, and academic development of students’ and their families. She loves working with staff members, parents, and she is a positive role model for our community. She is a dedicated member to the Hart County Charter System.”
Haley Smith at North Hart Elementary School: “Coach Steve Burton is a vital member of our North Hart family. He helps us remember to have fun, even on our toughest days. He encourages all of us to do our best and to be accountable for our actions. As an assistant principal, Coach Burton has many responsibilities, but he always makes time for hugs, high fives, and a selfie or two!”
Brooks Mewborn at the College and Career Academy: “While we don’t have an assistant principal at the College and Career Academy, I know assistant principals are so valuable and wear so many hats. They are vital to running a great school.”