Hart County Schools Recognize Students Well-Being with Community Health Fairs

Hart County Schools Recognize Students Well-Being with Community Health Fairs

healthfair1 Two fire trucks were parked outside the front entrance to Hart County Middle School on Thursday morning, while the common area at Hart County High School was flooded with students Friday morning, and Hart County Sheriff’s Office vehicles was parked just outside.

It would be easy to question, is something amiss at these two schools this week? Actually, the opposite was true.

In collaboration with Communities in Schools and Hart healthfair2 Partners, Hart County schools hosted community health fairs at each school during the two days, one at the middle school and one at the high school. The mission of each event was to highlight for students the community resources available to them locally, to help them partake in healthy lifestyles, and stay fit- physically, emotionally and mentally. These are all aspects of education which can lead to more productive and proactive students.

According to repeated studies and research by the Center for Disease Control, healthy students are better learners and are more apt for academic achievement, while likewise have greater incentive to create a future lifestyle which reflects well-rounded, healthful habits throughout their adult lives.

healthfair3  A variety of local partners were on display at each school, ranging from the non-profit MedLink corporation and St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital, to advocates for the YMCA, Harmony House advocacy center, and Teen Textline crisis prevention service. In addition, representatives with emergency and protective services such as the local police and sheriff’s departments, EMTs, and U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers, were also on hand.