Hart County Charter System Names Teacher of the Year

Bowers Davis

After 25 years in the classroom, Dannette Bowers-Davis has become a reputable part of the Hart County Charter System, making a positive impact on hundreds of high school students. It was with great pleasure today, Nov. 16, 2018, that School Superintendent Jay Floyd opened an envelope to reveal Bowers-Davis as the school system-wide Hart County Schools Teacher of the Year.

To be named as the system wide teacher of the year, nominees submitted video and went through an interview with three out-of-county panel judges. Bowers-Davis will now move on to the state level Teacher of the Year competition. The state winner will be revealed in the spring.

Having taught World History, Civics/Government and U.S. History at Hart County High School, Bowers-Davis has spent more than two decades educating Hartwell students. She is motivated daily by watching her students unveil the history behind their country, piecing apart the backbone of America and helping high school students connect the dots that make up the fabric of the nation.

“I love seeing students’ eyes when the lightbulb goes off when they understand the many concepts we have to cover,” she said. “U.S. History allows me to delve deep into the students’ minds and allow them to think critically.”

Known throughout the school system for her catch phrase, “Back that thang up,” Bowers-Davis is not only a character with a kind heart, she is a force field of energy, which ensures her students never leave her classroom without a passion for learning.

“Even though I have five years before I can retire, I still see myself in Room 207 saying, ‘back that thang up’,” she said. “This is a phrase I have used for years to explain to my students that they must provide evidence to prove their statements. Therefore, I see myself in education teaching the children of my former students.”

Bowers-Davis has been married to William Davis, deputy sheriff for Elbert County’s Sheriff’s Department, for 22 years, and has three children: Brandi Davis, Corey Davis and Paul Davis. As well as an excellent teacher, she is likewise an excellent coach, serving as assistant coach for the girl’s basketball team at Hart County High School.

Also nominated for Teacher of the Year were Kimberley Ayers, kindergarten teacher at South Hart Elementary School; Stacy Martin, special education teacher at North Hart Elementary School; Andrea Gibbs, a third grade teacher at Hartwell Elementary School; and Kelley Gaines, an engineering and video production teacher at Hart County Middle School.