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Hart EMC Awards 'Bright Ideas' Grants to 25 Hart County Teachers

The Hart County Charter System is excited to announce that 25 teachers are receiving Hart EMC Bright Ideas grants this year. Teachers from all five schools, and the alternative program, received funding on September, 19, 2022 for the projects they requested.


Bright Ideas is a grant program from Hart EMC that awards funds for creative and innovative classroom projects developed by certified educators in public schools in their service area. The winners are judged and selected by the Hart EMC Foundation through a blind application process and awarded up to $1,000.00 per grant.


Bright Ideas grants, which are allocated from Hart EMC’s unclaimed capital credit funds, are designed to help teachers who wish to extend educational opportunities and activities for students. More than $11,000 is going towards Hart County teachers’ projects this year.


Click here to see photos of all the recipients.



Hart County High School:

Hilaree Hudson             Bulldog Sound Bites                                         $930.00

Linda Johnson             EFFORT- Executive Functioning for                 $400.00

     Optimal Readiness Today


Hart County Middle School:


Heather Mewborn         Science is Magic                                               $500.00

            Renee B Brown             Stability Ball Chairs for 7th Grade                      $300.00

            Tami Waller                 Breaking Out of math w/ Escape Room Kits       $480.00

            Joshua McCurley          Flying High with Tello Drones!                         $624.00

            MaryAnna Burden        Book Tasting                                                    $375.00

            Amy Rowland &          Shopping Spree                                                $500.00

            Allyson Bowen


Hartwell Elementary:


            Brittney Morrison         Class Garden                                                    $211.00

            Samantha Burton          Technology in Kindergarten                              $375.00

            Wendy Page                 Immersive Learning w/ Augmented Reality       $600.00

            Hannah Jones               Finish Early Scientific Bags                              $500.00

            Kate Roberts                Mrs. Roberts Coop-A-Cabana                           $550.00


South Hart Elementary:


Kelsi Dye                     STEM Lab                                                       $200.00

            Sommer Morris            Hands on Learning w/ Kindergarten                   $400.00

            Tonya Bridges              Success in Agri Tech w/ Spheros                       $550.00

            Emily Keyes                “STEM Bins”                                                   $140.00


North Hart Elementary:

Tina Lorentson             Learning with Little Bits                                   $500.00

            Savanna Baker             Hands on Math Project                                     $500.00

            Colby Bross                 Imagine, Create, Explore through Makerspace    $560.00

            Cindi Dotson                Calm Down Corner Toolkit                               $400.00

            Anna Marie Harrison    Fish Literacy Center                                         $476.00

            Kelly Bailey                 Coding with Botley-STEM in Action                 $680.00


Hart Academy:


            Dr. Kendell Rucker       Graffiti Literacy                                               $250.00