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North Hart named Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence

The Hart County Charter System is pleased to announce that North Hart Elementary has been named a 2017 Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence.

On August 29, 2017, North Hart Principal, Brooks Mewborn, received an offical confirmation from Bart Teal, President of Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc. (BRSE).

"I am humbled beyond words to be able to serve as the Principal at North Hart Elementary,” said Principal Mewborn. “My faculty and staff are among the hardest working individuals I've been associated with in 19 years of public education. Our 650 students are amazing and our parents have supported our efforts since the day I stepped foot back on campus.”

BRSE’s Lighthouse School Awards is a recognition program that includes four award levels: Aspiring School, Points of Light School, Blue Ribbon Beacon School, and Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School, the highest recognition. Awards levels are based on criteria from the organization’s Blueprint for Excellence.

The Blueprint for Excellence is a comprehensive school assessment process that measures the quality of academic and instructional programs. The assessment covers nine major categories of critical performance elements found in excellent schools and allows a school’s own stakeholders to assess the school’s performance and design program improvement initiatives that focus on results of the assessment.

Blueprint of Excellence assessment is based on the following nine categories: Student Focus and Support; School Organization and Culture; Challenging Standards and Curriculum; Active Teaching and Learning; Technology Integration; Professional Community; Leadership and Educational Vitality; School, Family, and Community Partnerships; and Indicators of Success

Principal Mewborn said, “I give all the credit to my team of wonderful educators, my Assistant Principal, Haley Smith, and a support staff that is second to none."

Students, faculty, and staff at North Hart plan to celebrate their award on Thursday, September 7th. The school will hold an assesmbly that morning, and then head outside for a school-wide photo in the shape of a lighthouse. Students will be treated to free, blue sno-cones during lunch as part of the celebration.  

The award will be presented to Mewborn and his team at the National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference in Orlando, Florida on December 1, 2017.

North Hart was named a Blue Ribbon Beacon School in 2016. Designation as a Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School continues for five years, at which time the school will be eligible for revalidation.