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School System working with UGA to develop HCCA Strategic Plan

The Hart County Charter System is collaborating with the Hart County Archway Partnership and the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government to develop the strategic plan for the Hart College and Career Academy (HCCA). The goal is to develop a plan that encompasses the needs of students, business, teachers, government, and the community.

HCCA’s steering committee is responsible for guiding the planning process and for setting HCCA priorities that successfully align the goals and curriculum with local workforce and skill needs.   A cross-section of community, education, and industry leaders, including representatives from the Board of Education, Board of Commissioners, City Council, Chamber of Commerce, and Downtown Development Authority comprise HCCA’s steering committee

The project plan, prepared by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, consists of three meetings and a field trip to nearby college and career academies. The needs assessment meeting took place last Tuesday, February 28th at the Hart County Agriscience Center. The steering committee gathered input from four panels throughout the day.

A panel of manufacturing executives attended that morning, followed by a panel of local small business managers. Manufacturing and employer panelists provided input on how the HCCA can develop the employability/soft skills and hard skills that businesses seek in entry-level workers. Work ethic and effective communication skills were among the top responses from both focus groups.

Hart County High School teachers attended a session to share their vision for the college and career academy.  The day concluded with the steering committee hearing input from a panel of parent and community member representatives.  

Panelist Maureen DeLoach said, “The college and career academy should be for the whole community, including adults. Students should be ready for more than entry-level jobs. It should expose children to how life-long learning looks in the community by leading by example and offering adult classes, expose children to the collaboration.”

The next steering committee meeting will focus on an assessment of the current status of the academy to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The HCCA will officially open in August.