• Mission: The mission of the Hart County Charter System is to prepare all individuals to meet tomorrow’s challenges by providing quality educational opportunities today.

    Vision: Hart County Schools will be recognized for educational excellence.


    Guiding Principles/Beliefs:

    • Schools provide safe, secure, and nurturing environments for all.
    • Stakeholders promote a positive atmosphere that fosters confidence and self-worth for all.
    • Each individual is valued and treated with respect.
    • Each individual has the right to be educated and the responsibility to learn.
    • Quality education requires partnership, which is the responsibility of the school system, the students, the parents, and the community.

    Strategic Priorities:

    • Goal Area I: Student Achievement
    • Goal Area II: School Climate and Community Engagement 
    • Goal Area III: Efficient and Effective Operational and Support Functions 
    • Goal Area IV: Continuous System and School Improvement 

    Charter Goals 

    • High Expectations for All
    • Literacy
    • College and Career Preparation


Strategic Plans