• Our Character Education program will focus on the 7 Mindsets for Success


    • What do the world’s happiest and most successful people have in common?

    • Research showed that it wasn’t related to gender, ethnicity, where they lived, the home they grew up in, or their wealth… it had to do with the way they THINK or their MINDSET.

    • After three years of extensive research and over 400 personal interviews with leading experts, seven mental habits emerged and became the 7 Mindsets.


    Students will learn about each of the following Mindsets during our Mindset Mondays.

     Our monthly focus is:

    August - 100% Accountable

    September - We are Connected

    October - We are Connected with a focus

    on Bullying Awareness

    November - Attitude of Gratitude

    December - Live to Give

    January - 100% Accountable

    February - Passion First

    March - The Time is Now

    April and May - Everything is Possible