• At North Hart Elementary, we believe...
    *Schools should provide a safe, non-threatening environment.

    *Schools should take each child's individual strengths and move him/her further.

    *Schools should develope each child academically, physically, emotionally, creatively, and socially.

    *We believe the home and school should share the responsibility for developing the whole child.

    *Students have a responsibility to learn.

    *Students should have positive role models at home, school, and in the community.

    *Students are worthwhile individuals and should be treated with respect.

    Our mission as navigators is....
    To provide a nurturing environment, that encourages active, life long learning through a variety of instructional approaches which guides students to achieve their goals of excellence.

    Our goals....
    *To provide students to become productive members of society

    *To provide objectives for learning that pertain to real life

    *To present materials in a meaningful way

    *To provide activities for students to internalize and utilize knowledge

    *To provide an environment where students are engaged in active learning

    *To delete gaps and make smooth transitions between grade levels

    *To enable students to become critical and creative thinkers

    *To provide a nurturing, non-threatening environment

    *To provide opportunities that enhance student learning