• Grades Report


    The CCRPI, which is calculated by GaDOE and approved by the State Board of Education, serves as the statewide accountability measure for public schools. A school’s CCRPI score is based on state test scores, student growth on these tests, graduation rates, and other factors.

    CCRPI Score Letter Grade
    90.0 and higher A
    80.0 – 89.9 B
    70.0 – 79.9 C
    60.0 – 69.9 D
    Lower than 60.0 F

    To view our SYSTEM REPORT CARD and the HCMS REPORT CARD, use the links below:

    Hart County Charter System Report: https://schoolgrades.georgia.gov/hart-county

    HCMS Report: https://schoolgrades.georgia.gov/hart-county-middle-school