• The Hart College & Career Academy Mission

    The mission of HCCA is “to ensure that every public school student in Hart County receives the occupational, educational, and technical skills to remain employable in an ever-changing global economy through lifelong learning."

    Goal I: To provide Hart County High School students with the skills and knowledge to exceed the majority of USDOE performance indicators in Perkin’s accountability measures in every year of the charter.
    Goal II: To increase the number of students in Hart County High School receiving career-related postsecondary credits from Athens Technical College.
    Goal III: To help student become “Work Ready” in order to be gainfully employed and/or to continue their education and training in a variety of career-related options.
    Goal IV: Industry Certification – To increase the number of CTAE programs that are industry certified.
    Goal V: Business Industry Partnerships – To increase the business engagement between work-based learning and CTAE programs and their related business partners.