• Why a CCA?

    The need for a College and Career Academy in Hart County was identified through two years of research conducted by the Hart County Chamber of Commerce, Hart County Industrial Development Authority, and the Hart County Board of Education. Only 15.7% of Hart County residents have completed a four-year degree or higher, while 15.9% attended college, but received no degree. Census data indicates that 21.4% of Hart County residents do not have a high school diploma. The majority of the jobs currently available in Hart County require less than a two-year degree, and slightly over half of Hart County working residents commute out of the county for work. As a percentage, each high school graduation cohort had an average “loss” rate of more than 20%. HCCA’s “seamlessness” with colleges and the private sector will increase both the rigor and relevance of high school. The ultimate impact is that Hart College and Career Academy will increase the number of students who are enthusiastic about staying in school. Therefore, the graduation rate and college transition rate will improve.

    The textile industry collapsed many years ago, and the agricultural/poultry industry has slowed significantly. However, Hart County is fortunate to have obtained new industries over the last several years. These industries include companies such as, Fenner Dunlop (200 Employees), TI Automotive (225 Employees), Ritz, Oglethorpe Power Cooperation (7 Associates at Hartwell, Approx. 270 at OPC across the state Employees) and Pharmatech (275 Employees), each providing many opportunities for students to receive on-the-job training as well as, the potential for employment in the future. The Ty Cobb Regional Medical Center (450 Employees) opened in neighboring Franklin County, providing internship opportunities for healthcare students. The median household income for Hart County is $35,647, which is significantly less than the state average of $49,604. The poverty level in Hart County is at 23.5%. Agriculture is the largest economic industry in Hart County, and the county needs to continue to attract additional industries to the region. Workforce development officials have indicated that the Hart College and Career Academy can provide a pipeline of prepared workers for future jobs in Hart and surrounding counties. The local education system needs to ensure that a highly skilled workforce is available to attract industries to Hart County. The Hart College and Career Academy is one of several strategies embraced by local officials to meet present and future needs.​


    Characteristics of College and Career Academies 

    • Led by business and responsive to area employer needs
    • Stong relationship with local Technical College System of Georgia institution and other post secondary institutions 
    • Opportunity for dual enrollment, credentialing, and certificates
    • Focus of interdisciplinary learning and employability skills
    • Emphasis on-the-job training and hands-on learning experiences