LIFTed Students Hard At Work Writing Articles About STEAM Camp

9th Grade ELA/Biology

  • While adding the "A" to S.T.E.A.M., HCHS is carving a new pathway for the current freshman class. Students will be participating in our brand new English Language Arts and Biology course. The two content areas may seem like they are worlds apart, but Mr. Lee and Ms. Milford are working hard to incorporate literacy across the curriculum. 

  • STEAM Camp

    Posted by Megan Milford on 8/5/2017 9:30:00 PM

    STEAM Camp - July 21st, 2017


    Mr. C explains the math behind parabolas HCHS kicked off the year by hosting its first annual S.T.E.A.M. Camp. Students were invited to come participate in a variety of activities that incoporated skills from various subject areas. Mr. Christopher, math teacher and S.T.E.A.M. Directior of HCHS, showed students the math behind catapulting ping-pong balls into a cup alongside Mr. Marvin McDuffie, the new engineering teacher at HCHS. Making good use of the technology available, the students used ipads to calculate quadratic functions by videoing the ball's flight path.

    Mr. Lee does science

    Not too far away in Mrs. Ayers's art classroom, students were learning about the chemistry behind the art of dyeing fabric. Each student was given a white t-shirt donned with the LIFTed program's logo to tie-dye. Mr. Lee and Mrs. Bond took time to explain how agents such as soda ash and salt would impact the way the dye would take to the fabric while Ms. Dickerson, math teacher, assisted students with their designs. After a pizza lunch, Ms. Milford, ELA teacher new to HCHS, asked students to reflect on the day by writing mock-articles about their experiences. 

    Here are some of the responses, written in the articles by the freshmen LIFTed students: 


    "Our favorite part of the day was making our own tie dye t-shirts that had the Steam logo in the middle. It was our favorite part because we got to decide our design for it."

    - Beau L. and Bryson P. 


    "STEAM camp was fun experience that was a good introduction to High School. We learned all kinds of fun team building games. We tie dyed shirts, built catapults, and had lots of fun learning about the math and science about the projects we were doing it was a fun experience that we really enjoyed."

    - Evan A. and James T. 


    "The task was to launch the ping pong ball into the cup and record it. Once you finish recording your success, you transfer it to an app that helps you write an equation for the throw. Hopefully the rest of the year will include decent activities like these."

    - Madison K. and Leyann E.


    "The best part of the day came next, when moved with the hazardous flinging of ping pong balls. The task was quite demanding and proved difficult trying to ring the solo cup."

    - Emma J. and Claire R. 




    The LIFTed teachers are excited about the positive response to the camp and are already planning activities for next year's event!

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