• Hart County Charter System
    Use of Video in the Classroom

    Hart County Charter System utilizes live and recorded video from classrooms to provide instruction to students. Each day, teachers record their lessons and/or provide live videos of their classrooms in order to provide instruction and support to students. The videos are managed by classroom teachers and are shared only with specific students and staff within the Hart County Charter System. The videos should not be shared or transferred to anyone outside the Hart County Charter System without written consent from classroom teachers. Students failing to follow this guideline will be disciplined as outlined in the Hart County Charter System Code of Conduct.

    Videos are managed through Safari Montage and Audio Enhancement and are part of our system’s strategic plan for improvement. To preserve the integrity of and professionalism with teacher classroom privacy, as well as, comply with student privacy rights afforded by FERPA, video feeds cannot be accessed unless permission is provided by the teacher via video link to specific students on an as needed basis and should only be used for instructional purposes.

  • Vision for Technology Use

      1. District Mission/Vision and Access to Technology 
        1. Mission
          1. The mission of Hart County Charter System technology is that all  stakeholders consistently and collaboratively blend learning while utilizing 21st century skills and resources to develop college and career ready citizens.
        2. Vision
          1. Hart County Charter System will be recognized for educational excellence.
      1. District Beliefs about Technology
        1. Technology is blended into instruction to enhance and integrate learning experiences in all content areas.
        2. Teachers deliver instruction by coaching, monitoring, and verifying student achievement of learning goals.
        3. Teachers analyze instructional approaches through the use of video to improve instructional practices and increase student achievement.
        4. Students, teachers and administrators have ready and seamless access to all technology tools.
        5. Digital literacy is developed through meaningful experiences that promote digital citizenship and lifelong skills.
      2. District Strategic Goals
        1. Goal Area 1: Student Achievement
        2. Goal Area 2: School Climate and Community Engagement
        3. Goal Area 3: Efficient and Effective School Operations and Support Functions
        4. Goal Area 4: Continuous School and System Improvement

2020-2022 Technology Plan and Information

  • SAFARI Montage

    SAFARI Montage is an educational video library and digital content management system available to all students and teachers in Hart County Schools. It provides thousands of licensed educational videos that can be played instantly in the classroom or accessed from home. It also provides a place for teachers to upload their own videos and other digital content to share with students or archive.

  • Google Classroom

    Classroom is a free web-based platform that integrates your Google Apps for Education account with all your Google Apps services, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.